Presidents To Represent Me...

Will always spit that,
Wonder rhyma shit
Me and my conglomerates,
Same crime, bigger trial
Ya Honor suck a dick, Let me
Live out my dreams
Until my heart give out
Devour cream
You know exactly what this is about
Fuck y'all mean
Handlin' since a teen
Like LeBron or Sebastian
High school graduates
Straight to the league
I ain't waitin' for my knee to blow
Yesterday I was needin' this dough
Get it, I was kneadin' this dough
Long as your math is fast
If your readin' is slow
Yo, my life ain't rosy
But I roll with it
My mom was fine till the dough hit 'er
Then told me that the Mo' did it
And now this culture shit is so acidic
I blow a digit on the diamond
At San Tropé visits
And won't miss it
So don't twist it
Young is just as nice
More wrists than '96 TRICK

- Jay-Z, Dead Presidents 3

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