Words To Live By Pt. 8

"Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind."- Vincent Corleone

Killa & Premo

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Who Am I? (What's My Name)- Snoop Dogg

You don't love me, you just love my doggystyle. (c) Snoop Dogg


"What rags to bitches means is there's more to life than just what you're born into...there's also bitches."- Thugnificent

Kingdom Of Sand

Ginger- L.E.P Bogus Boys

Rob (@theRobAcosta) put me on to some music from these guys recently, and I was impressed. The music is great, but the thing that really stands out is the concepts behind their visuals. Good shit.

Scarlett Johansson.

I'm on my perv shit for a few, bare with me. And by the way, Scarlett Johansson over everybody.

Redheads >>

From my experience, redheads are amazing.

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Straight Jordan Swag

7 Deadly Sins

According to Ghandi:
  • Wealth without Work
  • Pleasure without Conscience
  • Science without Humanity
  • Knowledge without Character
  • Politics without Principle
  • Commerce without Morality
  • Worship without Sacrifice

Get At Me- Mobb Deep

Gold Bottles

Only gold bottle I mess with...

Breasts For America.

Starting a new movement, in appreciation of beautiful large breasted females. #BreastsForAmerica on Twitter!


Anne Hathaway is sexy.

The Avengers Intros

I am so hyped for the Avenger movies...

PSA To Independent Artists...

"What many artists trying to sell their art to live need to understand is that you’re not an artist simply because you say you are, you’re an artist when someone else that has nothing to gain from saying so says you are."


I ain't gon watch the movie. But shit why not.

Brittanya O’Campo

oneSHOTmedia | Brittanya O'Campo from Director | Mike Ho on Vimeo.

Fine. Ass. Chick.

Elevator Music- Rob Acosta (feat. Me)

Another new joint off Rob Acosta's upcoming project entitled (Under) The Influence. This one is a classic. We killed it! Go download it...

Download: http://hulkshare.com/hq2jl3mj24j7