Ah Shit...

As you can see, the site looks completely different. That's cause I fucked up the entire HTML code I had before =/. So for right now, bare with me for a bit while I reconstruct the whole code. Might take me a while. Damn thing don't even look all that bad. *turns head sideways* I'll see what I do.

Also, visit my new Bandcamp page, saveoursound.bandcamp.com, who's HTML code actually came out the way I planned lol. I'll get back to you when I fix the mess I just made.

- S.o.S

Jennifer Aniston >>

I'd give her the business. Grand opening, grand closing.

Fans 2 See- Rob Acosta

Another record, another hit from my brother. The artwork was done by me, so its okay to compliment it if you like it lol. Follow him on Twitter, @theRobAcosta, and download The Porn Tapes Vol. 1 if you haven't...

Porn Tapes Freestyle 3

My brother @theRobAcosta back with another one. Go download The Porn Tapes Vol. 1!!!


Vote for Hudson River Drive to appear on a Coast 2 Coast mixtape! Takes like 5 seconds!

RIP Steve Jobs

Most innovative inventor of our lifetime. Changed the way people consume music. RIP #ThankYouBasedJobs.

Gangstaz Only

Respect that LEP Bogus Boyz movement, they can rap they ass off.

Ain't Enough

The Black Market soon. Hurricane Season after. The 4th quarter is ours, something like Kobe.

Download: http://hulkshare.com/18kvi92x0crb

Christina Hendricks.

All ya niggas worried about fantasy football have your priorities all kinds of fucked up.

ReFreshed- Smooth

Check out the homie from down under Smooth's new joint...

"Sydney based rapper Smooth (www.facebook.com/smoothmusic), releases the Beyond Opposites mixtape, available for free download via http://www.mediafire.com/?ioplprxx1780vie"

The Porn Tapes Vol. 1

Download the newest project from my brother Rob Acosta, and follow him on Twitter, @theRobAcosta!

Words To Live By Pt. 10

Streetz Tonight

A joint off araabMUZIK's Electronic Dream album. I don't wanna give anything away, but uh, stay tuned.

The City.

R.E.D. Album. That boy Kendrick Lamar is a problem.


"Pacino, De Niro, life's like a movie..."

The Vent

One of my favorite songs off Return Of 4Eva. K.R.I.T. drops Live From The Underground 9/27.

Hudson River Drive.

New joint from me and Rob Acosta. The Black Market is on its way...

Random Cell Pics: Summer Madness Edition

Young S.O.

"Consider yourself lucky to see a legend before the prime, a killer before the crime..."- Big Sean

The Warm-Up

"I came up. I warmed up. The next up, bitch I'm about to blow up..."

Watch The Throne Documentary


Don Corleone. Big faced Rolly.

BBQ Pics...

For those who were asking or wanted to see pictures, here's the Flickr set I made for the BBQ with all the pics. I'll have some videos up sometime soon. Enjoy...


RIP Amy Winehouse

September 14th, 1983 - July 23rd, 2011. Back To Black was a classic. It's a shame such a talented person lost her battle to addiction.

Reasonable Doubt.

Dub-D Forever.

Per Angusta As Augusta. Through Difficulties To Greatness. From The Bottom To The Top.


"To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. And once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Don't isolate. "

- Michael Jordan

2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

I Burn Your Soul Like Ether.

"Artists make better music when they’re miserable or ticked off. Nas is ticked off. Basically everybody wanted Nas to be the fiery lyricist that he was on Illmatic. It took Jay-Z to come out and challenge him for Nas to go there. He put a battery pack in him."

—NY Daily News, (1.11.02)