2nd Annual Bad Habitz BBQ

Footage from the 2nd Annual Bad Habitz BBQ we held uptown. Cameos from everyone you could imagine, Rob, Mike Milan and Gardner all drop fire freestyles. Shot by Aproblemaddict Productions, hosted by Hadie & my brother Sam Freco. If you were there, go check yourself out. If you weren't, check out what you missed. Next year gon be fucking ridiculous. Thank you to everyone who came out, pictures coming soon!

The Heir (Official Video)

I know, I know. Sorry, I been gone for so long. Been busy working on that new shit for ya. I come bearing gifts tho. New video for The Heir. Go download Hurricane Season if you haven't! Enjoy.

Nothing Less- Rob Acosta

Check out the new joint from my brother Rob Acosta. I'm somewhere in the cut, smoking or drinking something. Download the record below too...

Spotlight Freestyle.

A little something for ya, Hurricane Season out now! Go download it! http://www.mediafire.com/?drollvoabm2rr59