nWo Freestyle

Rob dropping that nWo EP real real soon...

Pretty Flaco Freestyle- Rob Acosta

Go check out my brother Rob Acosta's new freestyle tearing up that Pretty Flaco beat, shit fire.

Black Out.

"Tomorrow, January 18th, 2012, will be the largest internet protest in history. Thousands of sites across the internet, including some of the biggest in the world, will be blacking out and directing people to contact Congress to kill the web censorship bill, SOPA and PIPA."

If you wanna join in or get more information, http://sopastrike.com/strike

- S.o.S


To celebrate the new site design, I'm letting loose a new freestyle over that Dynasty classic. Oh, and follow me on Instagram: saveoursound.

Download: http://hulkshare.com/g9hjix1qosoy


Finished the design on the site, feels brand new. New header, background and made some changes to the download section for easier browsing (split it into singles and projects, made it easier on the eyes). Tell me what ya think in the comments section!

I hope 2012 brings a lot of good fortune. The team has a lot of good things planned. As for myself, I'm finishing up Hurricane Season, just waiting on some features and then we'll get to the mixing stage. I'll keep it short since I'm writing this from my phone. Download The Black Market if you haven't!

Peace and good wishes to all ya in 2012!