Too Many Urkels On Your Team...

Ha! This one is for the homie Mike Milan. Shit ain't all sweet in the Association!

RIP Leslie Nielsen

Dreaming Of Nitemares- Rob Acosta

The homie Rob Acosta drops a new joint. This shit is hot, Dub-D bitch!


Aida Yespica

Miss Venezuela 2002.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

"Just Shut The Fuck Up Sometimes" New studio rule! Check out Ye's spread in Complex this month, good read.

MJ And His Midgets

5th of vodka and a couple midgets. LOL man, MJ knew how to party.

Some People B...

LMAO "Oh yes, oh fucking yes". That lady is the man for this.

M. Vick For MVP

Glad to see dude at the top of his game again.

Devil In A New Dress (Flu Style)- Rob Acosta

My Dub-D brethren drops a joint over Kanye's Devil In A New Dress, check it out...


My Nigga Winnie.


Oh, Her Too.

Scarlett Johansson. Saw Iron Man 2 a few days ago. Sheeeet. Sandra Bulluck too. I love them white girls like a cokehead.

John & Kobe.

They defintely run LA. RIP John Wooden.

Nicki Minaj

I will absolutely give her the business. She has all of my affection, regardless of what of hers is "fake" or not.