RIP To The King Of Music

I don't think there's much I have to say in this space about Michael I haven't said already, so here's what I wrote last year after MJ's passing...

Honestly, the last 24 hours has been a daze for me. It started with one of my proudest moments to watch my sister graduate from high school but ended in a way that has made question my place as a blogger, a fan, an artist and even as a person. Michael meant that much to me, as I'm sure he did to a lot of people. I literally watched VH1 specials about Michael as a child for hours and days on end repeatedly, moon walking continuously all over the house. I honestly can say I wouldn't be the same person I am if not for MJ, which is part of the reason this last day has been one of the most difficult of my life. He is the greatest and should be remembered as such. RIP to the King Of Music, enjoy one last marquee.

Michael has forever embedded the passion of music in me, and I doubt I would be rapping if it wasn't for that. He is a once in a lifetime phenomenon.

He is now, and will forever be, the King Of Music. Rest in peace to Micheal Joseph Jackson.

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